10 reasons to learn Portuguese

...and visit Porto, Portugal

  1. According to OLP Portuguese is the 4th language most spoken in the world. Did you know that more than 240 million people speak Portuguese as their mother tongue?
  2. It is a native language in emerging economies like Brazil or Angola, so learning Portuguese may prove to be an excellent career option!
  3. Portugal is one of the best destinations in Europe and Porto, along with the North of Portugal, is the place to know the real Portuguese lifestyle. So why not visiting Portugal?
  4. Have contact with the amazingly welcoming Portuguese culture and people. Porto is the epithome of the warm Portuguese culture.
  5. Increase your language skills and your ability to speak other languages by learning Portuguese. Did you know that the Portuguese language is one the richest latin languages? Consider learning Portuguese as a way to enrich your language skills overall.
  6. Did you know that there are more than 1 million Portuguese in the US alone? Studying Portuguese in Porto may be a very nice chance to visit your heritage.
  7. Many Portuguese students often start their Portuguese learning experience by having contact with relatives or friends from Portugal. From the moment they start learning more about Portuguese wines, cuisine or even music the language is always an obstacle. So why not turn it into a bridge to Portuguese culture instead?
  8. "Portuenses" are the most welcoming, warm and authentic people in Portugal. Porto is actually a city where you're never alone. People seem to know you as they unexpectedly talk to you in a shop or at a bus stop. Experience this and check how effective it can be during your Portuguese course.
  9. Complement your studies. Porto is the right place to do an international programme such as Erasmus. And what better way to fit in than to learn Portuguese while you're in Porto?
  10. Improve your CV by adding a different language. The Portuguese language is spoken in countries where English is not widely used as Brazil or Angola, so learning it should be a very good option if you consider working in a Portuguese speaking country.

...at Oficina de Português

  1. Each student gets a personal treatment. Apart from numbers, we care about people from the minute they walk in!
  2. Your progress is our main concern. Your opinion is highly valued. That's why while your Portuguese course is going on we will assess your evolution and try to improve your Portuguese learning experience.
  3. Studying Portuguese in Portugal is not the kind of experience that'll bring you nasty situations to deal with. However in case something less positive happens to you, we are the people you can count on.
  4. Our Portuguese language school will put you in contact with authentic situations and materials everyday to boost your Portuguese learning experience.
  5. Our teachers are all certified by the University of Porto and are trained in teaching the Portuguese language to foreigners. They are also and foremost enthusiastic and innovative professionals.
  6. We're located in the heart of Porto. We're near 2 metro stations, right in the heart of bustleling downtown Porto. Experience visiting Porto and learning how to speak Portuguese as a real "tripeiro"!
  7. We'll show you Porto and all it has to offer. Common activities are turned into dynamic and often unpredictable Portuguese lessons.
  8. Visit Portugal! We'll also take you to other locations in the north and center of the country.
  9. We'll show you the best spots in Porto. Learning Portuguese everyday!
  10. We're passionate about teaching Portuguese in Porto!