Our Portuguese courses range from Immersion to Regular with total flexibility along the way.

Immersion programmes provide you with intensive and super intensive Portuguese courses. These range from Standard to Intensive Portuguese +10. So you may choose between 20 lessons with Standard Portuguese, 20 group lessons + 5 private lessons with Intensive Portuguese +5 or 20 group lessons + 10 private with Intensive Portuguese +10. Apart from these, we also offer you a weekend immersion option - Group Weekend. This Portuguese course has a different structure and aims at giving short term students the chance to learn Portuguese and know Porto at the same time. It's a 3 day Portuguese programme that combines 16 Portuguese lessons at school and 14 other hours just knowing Porto and speaking Portuguese while doing it.

Regular Portuguese courses are meant to suit the needs of people living, working or studying in Porto. Timetables are much more flexible and Portuguese lessons are held either in the morning or late in the evening. Extensive Portuguese, Part Time Portuguese or Erasmus Portuguese aim at providing a great opportunity to learn Portuguese while you're in Porto. They extend for longer periods of time and are less intensive. In case you're at home and want to improve your language skills, you may also apply for Online Portuguese. This is a course via skype that focuses mainly on speaking skills. This is the ideal Portuguese course if you have already learnt Portuguese and just don't want to lose fluency. Students buy a pack of 20 Portuguese lessons and have the chance to organize their own timetable with their teacher. These are private and flexible Portuguese lessons that allow you to build your own course at your own pace.

Extra courses have a specific duration and are lighter than immersion courses. Easter, Summer and Christmas courses start at 9,30 and end at 12,30 every day for 2 weeks. These imply that students have previous language skills – A1. These can focus on general European Portuguese skills or may focus on Brazilian Portuguese. This course is organized and the lessons are taught by our Brazilian teacher who is an experienced tutor either in Brazil or here in Porto. The course is meant for students who already have a solid basic knowledge of Portuguese – A2. Brazilian culture and structural differences between European and Brazilian Portuguese are two of the main features of this 2 week course.


A boat in Douro A happy student with her teacher The beautiful Ribeira District D. Luis Bridge in Porto Portuguese Course ended