Immersion Courses

How to learn Portuguese properly? The answer is immersion with OdP!

Living in Porto + learning Portuguese = speaking fluent Portuguese.

Immersion courses are meant to take the concept of intensive course a little further. This means you’ll have at least 4 hours of Portuguese lessons per day, visits, excursions or activities in Portuguese. You should preferably ask for accommodation with a host family to take the immersion experience to its full potential. This actually gets you into a 24 hour rhythm of Portuguese learning. You have contact with every aspect of the Portuguese culture from the minute you step out of bed to the minute you fall asleep. That’s the reason why you should learn Portuguese in Portugal. It allows you to fully experience the life style and culture you want to immerse yourself in. Our job is to help you along the path to fluent Portuguese, so we provide you with situations that favour the use of Portuguese in real context situations.

Have a look at Standard, Intensive Portuguese +5, Intensive Portuguese +10 or Group Weekend Course.

Immersion in Portuguese Culture and Language Group picture of Portuguese Langua Students Break at our portuguese school Ending the portuguese class