Immersion Portuguese Courses Regular Portuguese Course Learn Portuguese during your summer hollidays

New Brazilian Portuguese Course!

Now you can learn brazilian portuguese at Oficina de Português with native teachers and still get an important insight of Brazilian Culture.

Know Porto while learning Portuguese!

All our courses include visits, activities and excursions through Porto to take you further into the Portuguese Language and Culture.

Immersion Courses - Intense and Effective. Studying Portuguese in Porto is the experience of a lifetime.

Regular Courses are meant for those who study, work or live in Porto. Timetables are flexible and Portuguese lessons are held either in the morning or late in the evening.

Summer Course - Take the chance to learn portuguese during your summer holidays. Seasonal courses are the right choice if you want a lighter and cheaper course from level A1 forward.

Welcome to your Portuguese Language School

If you were looking for a Portuguese Language School in Portugal or were wondering how to learn Portuguese, you hit the right place!

Oficina de Português (OdP) is the only school exclusively devoted to teaching Portuguese as a foreign language. Our courses privilege a communicative approach, which means that learning Portuguese with us equals to speaking Portuguese in the shortest period of time possible. OdP boosts your Portuguese learning experience by planning interesting, dynamic and pragmatic lessons and at the same time by taking you on small trips or tours in Porto.

We make sure our Portuguese courses perfectly match our students' needs! For those who come in vacation, Standard or Intensive Portuguese +5 and Intensive Portuguese +10. A Group Weekend for those who come with friends and family but only have time for a weekend, or even for Erasmus Students, who have different needs. Erasmus Portuguese,  Part-Time Portuguese and Extensive Portuguese are meant for those who study, work or live in Porto and the Online Long Distance course for those who cannot be present. For those who want a more personal experience there's always a Tailor Made Programme.

Porto is one of the most interesting places in Portugal. It is a city of loud, open, and friendly people who are always ready to make a stand! It is full of interesting spots and cultural events, as well as monuments, concert halls, theaters and museums! It is the centre of Port Wine trade and storage and it connects you with the most astonishing and unknown regions in the country! We want you to learn how to speak Portuguese in the best Portuguese language school!  

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learn portuguese in the streets of porto